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Jul 22, 2020
Kellogg's partnerships provide farmers with regenerative agriculture practices, preventing 275 dump trucks of soil runoff from entering Michigan's largest watershed

As stewards of the land, farmers are continuously seeking ways to help improve the health and sustainability of their farms. They also recognize the role they can play to positively impact the...

Jul 16, 2020

Kellogg Company (NYSE: K) today released details about multiple programs and partnerships it has established to help in the fight against summer hunger in 2020. It's now estimated that 18 million...

Apr 8, 2020
Kellogg is donating $7.5 million in food and funds to global COVID-19 hunger relief efforts

Kellogg Company, responding to the unprecedented pandemic, is releasing a special advertisement to thank the front-line heroes who play an important role in supporting the global food chain....


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