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Positivity: A Secret Weapon To Weight Management Success

New Research from Special K® Shows Women Who Think Positively About Their Weight Management Are More Likely to Report Success

- New @SpecialKUS study: Women who think positively about #weightmanagement are more likely to report weight loss

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Dec 4, 2012

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A ground-breaking new study commissioned by Special K® supports the notion that there may be more to success in weight management than just diet and exercise – and that mindset may play a critical role.  According to the research, nine out of 10 women who think positively about weight management reported either losing weight or maintaining their weight in the past year, compared to only about half of women with a negative approach.

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The study also revealed that when it comes to avoiding weight gain, a common challenge during the holiday season, not only did women who think positively about their weight management report that they were more successful in losing or maintaining their weight, they were actually eight times less likely to report having gained weight than women who think negatively.

Special K asked leading experts, psychologist and body image researcher at Northwestern University, Renee Engeln, Ph.D.; along with nutrition and fitness authority Dr. Wendy Bazilian, RD; to weigh in on the study, which demonstrates the dramatic impact women's attitudes can have on weight management success. 

"This research is a compelling reminder of the power of thoughts to influence behavior," said Dr. Engeln, who has published studies that explore women's body image issues. "Shifting to a more positive way of thinking about yourself and about weight management can pay off. When women engage in negative thinking about their bodies, the negative thinking can turn into unhealthy habits.  This research by Special K suggests the opposite is also true. Thinking positively can have measurable benefits. It makes sense for women to ask themselves, 'What will I gain when I lose?'"    

Powerful Findings on the Power of Positivity

More than one thousand real women from across the country took part in the Special K study titled, "Positivity and Weight Management: A Look at the Gains" to share their weight management behaviors, attitudes and experiences.  In addition to the significant differences in reported rates of weight management success between women who think positively and those who think negatively, the study also revealed the following findings:

  • Only one out of five women who have a positive attitude reported that they had a hard time getting back on track when their weight management plan was derailed, as compared to four out of five women with a negative attitude.
  • Women who lost or maintained their weight were three times as likely to rely on friends as a form of support.
  • Women who think positively about weight management were more likely to put a stop to negative conversations about their own or others' bodies.

"What's so compelling for me about this research is that it demonstrates how important one's attitude is for achieving real success with weight management -- it isn't just about what you eat and how much you exercise, but how you look and feel about yourself, too," said Dr. Bazilian.  "This new insight will lend scientific credibility and enhance my current work in helping women find success with their health and weight goals by encouraging them to focus on the positive – and appreciating what the body is really capable of doing."  

Sharing Your "Gains"

The Special K research underscored the importance of community and a positive support system to achieve weight management success.  To help women take the first step in embracing a positive approach to weight management this holiday season, Special K is inviting them to share what they hope to "gain" in 2013 at as part of the newly launched Gains Project.   Women will be able not only to share their own positive "gains," but also browse a visual gallery of other women's submissions for inspiration and motivation. 

"Your gains can be tangible or intangible," said Dr. Engeln.  "They might include increased strength, the confidence to try a new activity, or the knowledge that you're acting as a positive, healthy role model for other women in your life. Instead of focusing on the challenges or disappointments of weight management, focus on the person you're becoming as you embrace healthier habits. Share this perspective with others so you can contribute to a positive, supportive community.  This type of social support makes a real difference."

Ringing in the New Year

As 2013 officially gets underway, and the time to set and embark upon new resolutions begins, Special K will invite women from around the world to join in the celebration of Special K Gain Day.  The day, to be celebrated on January 2 in the United States, will serve as an opportunity to celebrate all there is to gain when you lose in the year ahead and commit to achieving it. 

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About the Special K Study "Positivity and Weight Management: A Look at the Gains"

The study, produced by Edelman Berland, is based on quantitative data collected from a national telephone survey of 1,004 weight conscious women, ages 25-54 in the United States.  The sample was broken out by those with a positive and negative approach by screening participants for specific weight management attitudes and behaviors, including how they view themselves and others[1]. The interviews were conducted August 29 – September 18, 2012.

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[1] The margin of error for this sample is +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence level.

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